Cullman Mobile Homes.

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Who says you need to spend a fortune to get your message out clearly and provocatively. I raise my PBR, and fire off a full clip generally in the direction of the air in your honor.

Cullman mobile homes crew

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Zombie cake!

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I found this on Bits & Pieces, but would love better attribution.  Whoever made this cake deserves the Nobel cake prize:


Back in 2005, we made this kitty litter cake for our work’s Halloween Party Potluck.  I loved those things, as it seemed everybody we worked with was a good cook.  It took a long time for anyone to try a scoop, and much was leftover.  I don’t eat cake, but those who do said it tasted good.  This is all over the internet now, but was new news in 2005.

kitty litter cake

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Flies in Art and Locomotion.

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This series of sculpture/drawings using dead flies as a medium surely deserves note:










Also of note is the fact that living flies may be domesticated like horses, and put to work:


The detailed instructions for this infernal machine are found at

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It’s like Poland in the 1980’s all over again.

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In the 1980’s Poland’s Solidarity movement led by Lech Walesa helped to ease the iron grip of the USSR over Poland.   Could these gentlemen find Poland on the map, they might, after hours of instruction understand the connection between their movement and that which occurred in Poland:

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Taste the Rainbow!

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Doctor Evil claims I’m having a bad reaction to mold.  This funk in my nose turned out to be a great place for bacteria to grow and prosper.  They’ve raised their kids and farmed the land I cleared with the nasal chainsaw.  I did not realize I was working for them!

My nose has become like a skittles factory, squirting out different colors of phlegm from each nostril, which colors change over the course of a day or days.  The left is generally more red than the right.  Maybe my nose is like a color inkjet printer with one nostril doing color, and the other black and white.  I am not a doctor, but it seems like it must be true.

At least Dr. Evil put me on some hyrdorocodone, because much like “Blue Bonnet,”  Everything’s better with narcotics on it.

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Go Rams!

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I wrote about the Bengals here:

I was a Bengal’s fan last year, until they started winning.  I was watching some of the Bengals vs. Bears until the Bengals were ahead 31-3 at halftime.  I am a Donner und Blitz, or Category 5 Hurricane weather fan.  I like watching my football team self-destruct.  It is not so when I watch baseball.  Sorry, Bengals, you are doing too well to hold my interest.

I grew up on the Seahawks.  I expect my team to suck, and do so horribly.  The Seahawks were like the Harlem Globetrotters, without the skillz.  They did more onside kicks and crazy shit, and it was fun to watch.  They had nothing to lose, since they were going to lose anyway.

I didn’t know that St. Louis had a team, after the Cardinals defection to Phoenix.  The St. Louis Rams are 0-7, and happen to be in the city of my Birth.  Go Rams!  Can you go higher than 0-8.

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Mammalian Behavior.

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In about the year 1999 or early 2000 I was driving a group of fellow Law Students. We were going for lunch (drinks) somewhere. They kept bitching about my country music, so I attempted to appease them with the scan button. I hit this song early in its play, because I seem to recall the “Mr. Coffee line.” We lost our shit. If you have never heard it, you in for a rare treat:

“You And Me Baby Ain’t Nothing But Mammals Video”

The video is stupid, so just savor the eloquence and power of the English Language at its best.

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